Here at McDonald Law Group we understand that starting a new business can be challenging and frightening. Who do I talk to now? Where do I go? What do I do now? These are common questions that we can guide you through. We would like you to know that we are here to help and serve you with your legal needs. Our cost effective Business Success Plan has helped many business owners conquer these fears and challenges that one might face when starting up a business.


McDonald Law Group is dedicated to you and your business legal needs. We have an affordable Business Success Plan that has pre-set monthly legal services to assist you. This grants you access to an attorney without having to worry about legal fees piling up on each other.


There are many things to consider when starting up a new business and our office specializes in business success planning and drafting. Some things to keep in mind when discussing your business needs are whether or not you have strong entity agreements and asset protections for your business. Agreements and asset protections help you as a business owner safeguard what you have spent time and money building and growing.



Agreements are used in everyday life. As a business owner, one should protect themselves by having detailed agreements with all third parties including employees, vendors, and contractors. At McDonald Law Group we can help advise and draft detailed documentation for your business and legal needs. These documents will be legally binding and will protect you as a business owner.


Asset Protection

Having a protection program only aids you with your business and legal needs. There are different types of asset protection plans and we will match the one that best fits your needs as a business. Whether your business is a multimillion dollar corporation or a family owned and operated drug store; there are asset protection programs that are available at your disposal.

Other Benefits

Once you have retained our office with your Business Success Plan, you and your employees will have access to our office for legal services at discounted rates. We understand that legal issues have become part of our daily lives and sometimes there is no way around it. We understand that legal fees add up and can be costly, so we offer discounts to our business clients’ employees to show understanding and appreciation for your confidence, and commitment to us as your legal representation.


Over the years, McDonald Law Group has successfully helped business owners with the formation of their businesses and the management of their businesses legal needs. With our Business Success Plan we are confident that we can help you manage your legal needs in a cost-effective manner.  Please call us at (702) 448-4962 for a free consultation. This information is provided for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice and does not constitute an attorney client relationship.